Wade Whimsical Collectables 8th Edition

  • $39.95

The 8th edition of Wade Whimsical Collectables will be released August 10th in North America, and in the U.K. approximately two weeks later on August 24th. This new edition contains 384 pages filled with information on Wade Whimsical Collectables, current to 2007. Added to this are 24 pages of colour divided into three eight-page sections illustrating colour, design and mould variations to assist the collector in identifying their many varieties.


This edition, the first since January 2004, has been completely reorganized, revised and priced. With the definition of a Whimsey as something quaint, comical, unusual or fanciful, the Wade models which did not fit the ‘whimsical’ category have been removed from the previous Wade Whimsical catalogue and incorporated into Wade Collectables. The book now lives up to its “whimsical” name. Unfortunately, collectors now require two books if they wish to keep abreast of the Wade market. These two books now contain the most popular and active of what is collectable within Wade models.

Wade Whimsical Collectables no longer includes: Leprechauns and Pixies, Money Boxes, or Walt Disney models such as the Hat Box Series, Disney Blow-ups or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. On page xiii of the introduction to Wade Whimsical Collectables is a listing of models transferred from Wade Whimsical Collectables to Wade Collectables. These items are not whimsical but brand collectables in their own right.

Six main chapters compose the new Wade Whimsical Collectables catalogue: Comic Animals and Birds, Happy Families, Novelty Animals and Birds, Storybook Figures, Whimsies, and Miscellaneous Sets, along with three supplementary chapters, on Fairs and Events, The Official International Wade Collector’s Club Figures, and Commissioned Items. Now, with the new layout and listings placed in alphabetical order, locating your model will be easier than before. We are on the way to publishing a user friendly catalogue.

A note on pricing: All collectables, large or small, high or low price point, are under stress from the changing demographics of our time. As with everything else this will pass, but until it does we will see prices that are not agreeable to most collectors.

“Whimsies” with over 55,000 books in print is surely the bible to the Wade Whimsical collector, and along with its companion book Wade Collectables is your best buy on information about Wade.