Wade Collectables 4th Edition

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Wade Collectables, 4th edition, a new book from the Charlton Press, was released March 2007. It is a companion catalogue to Wade Whimsical Collectables, , 8th edition, which will be released August 10th, 2007.

Wade Collectables, 4th edition, is a gathering into one reference work the most popular collectables from The Charlton Standard Catalogues of Wade, , Volumes 1 through 4. These four books will remain one of the best and most comprehensive reference works available on Wade products.

Wade Collectables, brings together what is considered the most collectable models from over 100 years of production by the Wade Potteries. There are 464 pages of listings, information and illustrations of such Wade collectables as: Animals, Birds, Character Jugs, Children’s Sets, Commemorative and Decorative Ware, Figures, Flowers, Teapots, Tetley Tea Folk, and Wall Decorations. We created three new chapters for each of the following: Disney, Money Boxes and Wade Ireland. This arrangement necessitated moving items from Wade Whimsies, to their new categories in Wade Collectables, , where for the collectors of these lines they are now catalogued under one heading. This method of grouping will lead to a more user friendly collecting atmosphere. There is no longer the need for multiple Wade books when trying to access information. This is especially useful when you consider the numerous Disney, Money Box, and Wade Ireland items that were spread among four volumes.

The new Disney chapter lists: Brooches, Clocks, Figurines, Musical Jugs, Nursery Wares, Tableware, and Toy Tea and Dinner Sets. The only Disney product not included in the Disney chapter is money boxes, which naturally, are listed in the Money Box chapter.

Money Boxes have been gathered from the previous Volumes One through Four, and Wade Whimsies, , and are now grouped into one chapter. Thanks to Ed and Bev Rucker Wade Collectables, has the most complete checklist of money boxes produced by the Wade Potteries.

For the Wade Ireland collector we now have over 75 pages devoted to the various models manufactured at the Irish factory. While we like to think our listings are complete we are sure they are not, for new items always turn up, and as they do they will be added to this chapter.

Wade Collectables, , 4th edition, is a first, with new illustrations, new pricing and all the information that makes this catalogue an outstanding addition to your library.