Royal Doulton Collectables 4th Edition

  • $39.95
The 4th edition of Royal Doulton Collectables will be released January 21st, 2006. The name change (formerly Royal Doulton Bunnykins) was made by the Charlton Press's desire not to cross brands. With the Beswick brand now having new owners we thought it best to keep the Royal Doulton and Beswick catalogues separate.

In the new Royal Doulton Collectables catalogue are:
 In the year and a half since the third edition of Royal Doulton Bunnykins was released many interesting discoveries have occurred in the tableware collectables field.

Thirty-six new shape/pattern combinations have been added to the pricing tables and twenty new pattern combinations have been added to the listings, several in the "rare" pattern category.

Most notable in the shape/pattern combination is the discovery of a fine white china Rex Mug, large size, combining Proposal (HW11) with Pulling on Trousers (HW2), and a Beaker, large size, with the Artist (HW1) design. In pattern combinations two of the more interesting finds are Carving the Chicken (LFc) / Medicine Time (SF1) and Wedding (LFd) / Lambeth Walk, First Version (HW16). Charles Noke's Bunnykins Teapot (D6010) rose to new highs and now catalogues at $2,000. +.

Bunnykins Banks: Finally, the Grey Rabbit has been sighted, however, the rabbit itself is not grey, but his jacket and hat are. The Royal Doulton pattern book states a grey colourway, and it was assumed the colour referred to the rabbit. We now have a grey-blue coated rabbit, and a green coated rabbit in two sizes, with mould variations in the two sizes. The grey-blue coated rabbit or First Version, carries the Tug of War backstamp.

Figures: The early earthenware issues of 1939-1940 weakened a little in pricing as on-line auctions brought more pieces to market. Billy and Mother Bunnykins are the two pieces which surface more frequently. The modern series of Bunnykins, 1972-2005, again came under pressure from the weight of the on-line auctions. The tremendous number of figures changing hands in 2004-2005 leads us to believe that the supply is moving into strong collecting hands, and while prices are trending slightly lower, the curve is starting to level out. This is always a very helpful move with any collectable for the lower price on new issues expands the collector market.

Fifty-five new DB numbered figures have been added to the 4th edition. While this is a fairly large number to add to the range, the MSRP fell due to the move of the production of these figures to China, and from what we can see, with no loss in quality. Certainly the body is lighter, but this is simply from a difference in slip makeup. A real positive is that the lower price will allow for a wider distribution of the Bunnykins figures into the market place.

Another interesting addition to the DB range are two sets of Bunnykins Christmas Tree ornaments (DB342 to DB349), each set containing four pieces. The last Christmas Tree ornament (DB-62) Santa Bunnykins now sells for over $500.

Storybook and Cartoon Characters: Ten models have been added to the Rupert Bear series, and a new series Frosty Family, with six figurines in the series, has been included. In the Disney Section thirteen models have been added to the Winnie the Pooh series, and there two new series Cinderella and a new Disney Princess Collection.

The 4th Edition of Royal Doulton Collectables is available from Dealers, Bookstores, Online Bookstores or directly from the Publisher.