Border Fine Arts Figurines 3rd Edition

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Border Fine Arts Figurines, 3rd edition is now released! This Charlton Standard Catalogue now in its third edition contains 504 pages of information on Border Fine Arts figurines. First issued in 1974 the BFA line has continued to grow with over 3,600 collectable pieces offering the collector a truly diverse collection of subjects from which to choose. The range offers something for everyone from dogs to cats, to birds, to cattle, to specialty lines that include farm machinery, all tastes, size and prices ranges are covered.

The First edition published in November 2001 was covered in 336 pages, the 2nd edition published in 2004 was 472 pages, and now the 3rd edition which was published January 2nd, 2008 has 504 pages illustrating the continuous growth of Border Fine Arts as an outstanding collectable. John Hammond, MBE who founded the company over 34 years ago should be proud of his achievement.

The company has continued to add a wide variety of figures in all sections: Classic, Studio, Limited Editions and Storybook. Each entry in the catalogue carries an image of the figure, the name, model number, modeller, height, colour, issue date, edition number (if it is a limited edition), the series to which it belongs, and last but not least the price in Sterling, U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars. All prices have been reviewed and adjusted where necessary. The market place has expanded greatly over the past four years, all due to the internet. A collector may now shop worldwide, true there are pitfalls, but if you find something you require at least consideration can be given to buying. Geographic restrictions are a thing of the past.

This guide is the most comprehensive and informative of its kind on the market today. It is the only guide to offer the collector a clear insight into the happenings of the Border Fine Arts market. The 3rd edition of Border Fine Arts Figurines is available from dealers, bookstores, large chain stores, collectables stores, and Internet bookstores such as,, and Border Fine Arts Figurines, 3rd edition, is also available from the publisher at the cover prices listed, plus postage. For purchases in the United Kingdom please refer to Book Systems Plus, their information is opposite.