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2017 Charlton Coin Guide
56th Edition
Editor: M. Drake
Price: CDN $9.95 US $9.95 UK £0.00
Release Date: January 4, 2017
  255 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN: 9780889684041
The 2017 Charlton Coin Guide The newly revised Charlton Coin Guide for 2017 has 256 pages of information to assist you in determining the value of your coins. The Guide, which is the oldest continuously published buying guide in Canada comprises:
-36 pages of buying price for coin used in circulation back to 1858.
-126 pages of modern collectable coins sold by the Royal Canadian Mint with valuations.
-16 pages of Paper Money, which we use every day. All paper money listed is accompanied by buying price back to 1866
-15 pages of Colonial Tokens used in Canada before Confederation in 1858
-21 pages listing the buying price of United States coins you may have in a dresser drawer.
With the balance of pages covering the value of gold coins, the bullion value of gold and silver coins, and a small section on Military medals and awards. The Coin Guide is a concise book on buying prices dealers will pay for your coins. The 2017 Charlton Coin Guide is available from the publisher bookstores, on-line bookstores and coin stores across Canada.
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