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2017 Charlton Canada Government Paper Money
29th Edition
Author: R.J. Graham
Price: CDN $34.95 US $29.95 UK £0.00
Release Date: August 15th 2016
  448 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889684010
2017 Charlton Canada Government Paper Money Book
Format: Spiral Bound
ISBN 9780889684010
Edition: 29th Edition
Author: R.J. Graham
Price: CDN $34.95
Release Date: August 15th, 2016

The 29th edition of the Canadian Government Paper Money Catalogue is scheduled for release in early August 2016. It has been reviewed to bring the prefixes of current notes, insert replacement notes and note registry census totals up to date. New information has been made available on the availability of the scarce 1937 $1 J/A prefix, as well as a few other notes both early and modern. Overall, the market for Bank of Canada note issues continues in a holding pattern. Prices are up for some specific notes and grades, down for others, but there are few sharp adjustments either way, and many prices remain steady. The market for replacement notes continues to be soft, with limited demand. Sales are slow in conventional settings, but internet sales continue to bring prices within range of catalogue valuations, so no need was seen for any massive reduction for replacement note values generally. That said, a limited number of specific replacement notes have undergone moderate price corrections because of perceived oversupply. Examples include the 1954 modified replacements, $1 *H/A and $5 *N/X. On the other hand, 1973 $1 *OL was found to be undervalued, but this is certainly an exception. No consensus has yet formed for upward revision, which will probably require an influx of new or returning collectors. It is encouraging to observe that there is general upward pressure on gem uncirculated Bank of Canada note prices, for both regular issues and replacements. So far this has been restricted to notes which are reasonably available in top grades. Error notes are uncharacteristically quiet, while special number notes are a little more active, with low numbered notes showing some upward momentum. The newly discovered Journey $5 with inverted design, resulting from the rotation of a sheet prior to printing, has been added to the panoply of error notes. Some information has been provided explaining that all ladder notes are not created equal: a note numbered 1234567 would sell for a premium over catalogue value, while one numbered 3456789 would not. Provincial and municipal notes, in the main, continue to appreciate in value. This includes the black and white Newfoundland cash notes pricing, although the pace of their ascent is not quite as frenetic as it has been in recent years. There is not much doing with depression scrip at present, apart from a further discovery of large quantities of Kitchener time-denominated Mutual Aid Association notes which will hold their valuations very low. Other depression scrip values are steady. Once again, Dominion notes present a mixed picture. Some examples which have become a little too plentiful have dropped in value, while others, either on account of rarity or condition considerations, have risen. For certain notes in or near the best available grades, the increases have been very substantial. Low grade $1 and $2 notes of the 1923 issue are in sufficient demand to trigger modest price increases, a hopeful indication that new collectors are taking an interest in the hobby. The 29th edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money consists of 448 7 x 9 inch pages (approximately), with the popular lie-flat spiral binding. The cover price is $34.95 in Canada and $29.95 in the United States.
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