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2016 Charlton Canadian Coins Volume 1 70th Edition
70th Edition
Editor: W.K. Cross
Price: CDN $24.95 US $21.95 UK £0.00
Release Date: 2015
  320 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683716
2016 Charlton Canadian Coins Volume 1 Numismatic Issues 70th Edition -Volume: Volume One, Numismatic Issues
-Edition: 70th Edition
- Editor: W.K. Cross
- Format: 7"x 9"
-Pages: 320 (approx)
- Binding: Spiral
-ISBN: 978-0-88968-371-6

First published in 1.952 The charlton standard Catalogue of Canadian Colns has reported on all aspects of the Canadian numismatic scene, from the coinage of the French Regime to the business strikes of today. For more than 60 years Canadian Coins has been the bible for collectors. Emphasis in Volume One is on business strikes and commemorative issues struck for circulation, varieties. and all legal tender coinage issued from l-858 to date. Each chapter has been updated and revised to bring it current to 2015. Within the circulating cotnage of Canada variety listings each denomination has been reviewed, corrected and expanded. All newly gathered technical information, listings and pricing were incorporated into this new release of Canadian Coins. Volume One, Numismatic issues.
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