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Canadian Government Paper Money
24th Edition
Author: R. J. Graham
Price: CDN $29.95 US $29.95 UK £19.95
Release Date: July 15, 2011
  432 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683488
A major innovation which will make this edition particularly memorable is the introduction of colour images. Wherever possible, notes are now shown in their actual colours.

The wild swings in pricing which characterized editions released over the past few years appear to be over. There are many increases and many decreases, but the changes represent fine-tuning more than radical shifts in either direction. The pricing panel generally sense a market that seems to have returned to something closer to stability. The market remains soft but there are hopeful signs that the bottom has finally been reached. Notes are selling, but may remain in inventory much longer than in the heady days prior to the late recession.

Front of the book notes - French regime, provincial, municipal and depression - are generally steady or advancing in value. The picture is a little more mixed for Dominion notes, with some up or down by relatively small amounts, and some are unchanged. Some modern notes, from the 1954 modified series onward, continue to lose ground but at a greatly slackened pace, and, as previously, the rarities appear generally to be immune. Among the 1954 modified notes, most prices are stable but some of the replacement prefixes have been subject to downward correction, as have the $100s generally. A few modest increases can be found here and there.

Canadian Journey replacement note prices remain fairly steady. Changes to the low-security $5 and $10 series are predominantly to the upside. Among the later issues with hologram strips, increases and decreases are more nearly balanced.

Special number notes are mainly steady to modestly higher, with only repeater notes losing ground. Error notes are holding to somewhat higher, depending on the nature of the error. These sections of the catalogue have been expanded, with more notes illustrated, and a few new kinds of errors added. Binary numbered notes (defined as all ones and zeroes in the serial number) have been listed for the first time, catering to a small specialty within the hobby.

Listings have been brought quite up to date, with new prefixes and signature combinations added as late as June 2011, when there was a sudden proliferation in circulation. Note census information has also been revised and brought up to date, and additional Dominion note proofs appearing on the market have been listed. Journey replacement note ranges have also been revised and updated.

The 24th Edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money is scheduled for release at the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association Convention in Windsor, in July. This volume consists of 432, 7 x 9 inch pages, (approximately), with the popular lie-flat spiral binding. The cover price is now $29.95, to cover rising costs, colour printing and the addition of thirty-two pages.

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