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Canadian Coins, Vol One - Numismatic Issues 2012
66th Edition
Author: W. K. Cross
Editor: Jean Dale
Price: CDN $24.95 US $24.95 UK £16.95
Release Date: September 7, 2011
  360 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683471
The 66th edition (2012) Canadian Coins, Volume One, includes all coins which have been used as circulating legal tender in Canada from 1858 to 2011. It is the third catalogue published based on Canadaís circulating coinage. Previous editions, from the 63rd and back, combined both numismatic and collector issues, but the growth of collector issues made it necessary to divide the book into two volumes. With the removal of specially wrapped Mint rolls, First, and First/Last Day strikes to Volume Two the move is now more or less complete.

The Victorian large cents which were featured in the Variety Section of the 65th edition have been replaced with a revised second printing of the section on silver dollar varieties.

As in past editions some of the more interesting varieties of the previously featured denomination have been moved forward to the main section of the book. This year it is the Victoria large cent listings which have been expanded.

The 66th edition is a 360-page catalogue with sixty of those pages being devoted to circulating silver dollar varieties from 1935 to 1967. Over a dozen new spacing and repunching die varieties are listed. An interesting new variety for the 1947 Pointed 7 dollar is a 4/4, with the secondary 4 being a different font style to the standard 4 style. Another is a polished die variety which appears on the reverse of the 1949 dollar, where Cabotís ship the Matthew is missing its rudder.

From 1954 to 2010 the Brilliant Uncirculated/Proof-like Sets called Uncirculated Sets by the Royal Canadian Mint were struck in Ottawa. In 2011 production was moved to Winnipeg. However, along with this move the finish on the coins in the set was lowered to Circulation to match the other Giftware Sets being produced there. Fifty-six years of collecting continuity is now at an end. What does this mean in catalogue language? With brilliant uncirculated (proof-like) coins no longer being struck, coins dated 2011 will not be listed in the MS-65(NC) to MS-67(NC) grades in the pricing tables.

Naturally, all prices in the 66th edition have been revised and all listings expanded to accommodate the new issues. Prices across the board for all the lower grade silver and gold coins are now supported by the rising tide of the precious metals market.

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