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Medals of Governors General of Canada
2nd Edition
Author: Freeman Clowery
Price: CDN $45.00 US $45.00 UK £0.00
Release Date: June 25, 2010
  90 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

ISBN: 9780889683440
From the first Governor General, the Earl of Dufferin, in 1872, to the current Governor General MichaŽlle Jean, Canada has enjoyed over 138 years of continuous awards to the most deserving.

These awards are known as the Governor Generalís Academic Medals, and are awarded for academic excellence at four levels: bronze for secondary school, collegiate bronze for post secondary diploma level, silver for undergraduate level, and gold for graduate level.

Medals of Governorís General of Canada lists and illustrates the 25 different designs at the three major levels, gold, silver and bronze, which were awarded by the Governors General that served from 1872 to date.

Initially the Governor General medals (1873) were awarded for sporting achievements, but it was not long before they became centered on academic excellence. However, beginning with the 24th Governor General of Canada, The Rt. Hon. Ramon Hnatyshyn in 1990, a totally new Marksmanship Medal, was instituted. These are awarded in three levels, with the gold only being awarded once a year in August at the National Meet in Ottawa.

Also included are the State Visit and Personal Medals of recent Governors General.

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