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Canadian Coins - Vol One: Numismatic Issues
64th, 2010 Edition
Author: W.K. Cross
Editor: Jean Dale
Price: CDN $19.95 US $19.95 UK £14.95
Release Date: September 8, 2009
  440 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683372
The 64th edition of Canadian Coins has shrunk! Plastic coil binding is limited to approximately 600-page books, after that the user friendly binding becomes user unfriendly. With the addition of 150 pages covering the Victoria Five Cent Varieties, and over 175 new mint products to list, under the old format we would be looking at a 650-page book. For that number of pages the spiral binding would not have sufficient strength to work effectively over a period of time. So, in the new catalogue, Canadian Coins: Volume One we are reverting to our roots Numismatic Issues.

Canadian Coins, Volume One: Numismatic Issues, 64th Edition, 2010, will be just that, a catalogue based on coins which circulated in Canada from the time of the French Regime to the current day. Special emphasis in Volume One is on things numismatic in the Canadian Series: Business Strikes and Commemoratives issued for circulation, Varieties, and all legal tender coinage issued during that last 151 years.

The sections on the coinage of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Province of Canada, plus the sections on Specimen Coins and Sets, Patterns, and Test Tokens will also be found in Volume One. Each chapter has been updated and revised where necessary to bring it current to 2010. Within the circulating coinage of Canada variety listings each denomination has been reviewed, corrected and expanded.

The Variety Section in the 64th edition is over 150 pages. This is the fifth part of a six part series on Canadian die varieties. The first began in the 60th edition with the dollar coins and has been carried on now to the 64th edition, where the variety section is devoted to Victoria five cent silvers. Over 150 pages covering 150 different varieties are catalogued, illustrated and priced.

High grade business strikes are in demand, showing price strengthening, especially Mint State 65 Red and higher. These copper coins from circulation, 1953 to date, are rare in these certified high grades. The Queen Elizabeth series is approximately 60 years in length, well exceeding her Great Grandmotherís series of Canadian coins, resulting in a highly desirable series to collect.

Canadian Coins has embarked on a new path that separates the circulating coinage (numismatic) from the collector and gift series issued yearly by the Royal Canadian Mint.

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