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Canadian Coins 2009
63rd Edition
Author: W. K. Cross
Editor: R. J.Graham
Price: CDN $19.95 US $19.95 UK £14.95
Release Date: July 17, 2008
  480 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9

ISBN: 9780889683327
The 63rd edition of Canadian Coins was released at the Canadian Numismatic Association’s National Convention held in Ottawa during July 2008. Ottawa also played host to the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint, 1908-2008.

The 63rd edition is no different than the last 62 in that it has been completely revised and re-worked to bring “The Standard” up-to-date for 2009 season.

Within the Circulation Section:

Over 30 new varieties are included in the 63rd edition, basically, in all denominations from the one cent to the dollars. The most extensive however, has been the additions to the George VI fifty cent series. In the 61st edition of Canadian Coins appeared the second segment on die varieties which was devoted to fifty cent coins. However, the identification system devised proved unworkable. A new classification system for George VI fifty cent die varieties is introduced in the 63rd edition, one based on narrow and wide dates. Hopefully this system will be more collector friendly.

Within the Collector’s Section:

The Royal Canadian Mint had a very productive “Standard” season, May 2007 to May 2008. Over 75 new issues are added to their respective categories. The new product introductions contain new denominations, and new special effects from the design department. It is interesting to note that after fifty years of avoiding the term “proof-like” it appears as one of the finishes now used by the Mint. The fifteen dollar “Vignettes of Royalty” series carries a proof-like finish.

Within the Variety Section:

This is the fourth part of a six part series on Canadian die varieties. The first began in the 60th edition with the dollar coins, and has been carried on now to the 63rd, where the variety section is devoted to Victorian ten cents. Over 70 pages covering 90 different varieties, some introduced for the first time, are illustrated and described.

A new listing style is introduced, that of describing and treating both the obverse and reverse of the coin as one variety. The obverse variety (portrait) and reverse variety are illustrated together in one listing defining that coin by the pair of die that produced it. Eventually all Victorian ten cent die pairs may be identified.

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